So, back to the journal idea.  Here are ways shared during classes  about how some parents introduced the journal to their teen or pre-teen:

1.  My daughter was taking piano lessons in a serious way so when I found a journal which was covered in treble and bass clefs I grabbed it.  So, her journal seemed even more tailor-made, just for her.

2.  One mom shared that she decided to introduce the concept pretty early in one of her children’s lives.  Some of the writing her son sent to her wasn’t with letters…he drew pictures for her.  Her purpose was to make the journal a natural part of their relationship…before their relationship might have really needed an extra way of communicating to get past some of the teen hurdles.

3.  Another class member decided to present the journal to her daughter as part of her birthday present.

4.  An idea might be to introduce the journal after a Passport2Purity weekend together .  Keep the conversation going.

And then some extra thoughts regarding life with the journal:

1.  Sometimes you may go weeks without any writing with your son or daughter.  Sometimes it may be longer.  There is no right or wrong number of times per week, no big rule.

2.  When one of our teens really didn’t go for writing in it I made the decision that I wanted to continue to speak reassurance and faith and truth into his life.  He was going to graduate from high school and there were things I wanted him to know, words I wanted him to hear me say.  So, many times I went to his room and grabbed it, wrote more in it and put it back in his special place in his room.  I sort of changed the nature of the journal in this case…I thought how good it would be that years into his life he could read and hear my words of encouragement or maybe read a prayer I prayed for him.  He’ll always have that.

3.  Sometimes boys aren’t into writing but sometimes they really are.

4.  Remember to make the journal a positive experience.  Listen to your son or daughter as you read their words and get a look into their heart.

5.  Journaling is a great way to pursue your teen.   Maybe you can think of other creative ideas.