Aggressive Girls Clueless Boys


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A current troubling trend in teen culture is the sexual aggression of older girls toward adolescent and pre-adolescent boys. After the release of Interviewing Your Daughter’s Date, Family Life surprisingly began receiving letters from parents asking for help in protecting their young adolescent sons from sexually aggressive girls.


Teens and sex is not a new issue, men pursuing women, adult women pursuing adult men; however, a growing number of parents have identified a shift in our culture ... increasingly, girls are aggressively pursuing boys in high school, middle school and even earlier. - Dennis Rainey


One prime way this occurs is through texting. A text sent with a nude or partially nude picture is referred to as sexting. As a form of pornography, this can be illegal if used by minors. Please see our Social Media Guide.

For his safety, make an agreement with your son that will periodically allow you to look at his texts. Then, follow through.

Practice together what he can do if approached inappropriately by a girl or if sent a sext.



Build and shape your son’s convictions so that, when faced with situations that tempt him to compromise his faith and his sexual purity, he will know how to respond. - Dennis Rainey



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Your son is probably unprepared for the girls who will pursue him sexually. How about you?

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