For God sees not as man sees, for man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart. - 1 Samuel 16:7


Society is almost totally sold out to image and appearance...This presents an incredible trap for young people seeking to establish who they are and what they should stand for.

Perhaps the most dangerous appearance trap for preadolescents and teenagers is body image-attempting to conform physically to some cultural ideal of attractiveness. - Dennis and Barbara Rainey


The sexualization of girls begins in this culture as early as infancy and continues throughout high school. Through media our youngest girls are bombarded with the message early on that sex is good...Little girls, especially after they leave size 6X behind, enter a whole new world of thongs, push-up bikini tops, dresses that are cut low, shorts that show buttocks, and skirts so tight they cannot possibly run and play in them.

What does it do to a young girl when those around her, as well as her culture, tell her she has to be ‘too sexy, too soon?' It robs her of innocence, violates her mind and her body image, and puts her on a treadmill of boy-pleasing early in life when she cannot possibly know who she is.

Moms, are you complicit in the sexualization of your daughter? - Kristen Blair and Dr. Brenda Hunter


Since the girls do not have jobs, it’s the moms who willingly fork out their credit cards to buy the tools of destruction for their daughters. - Dannah Gresh, founder, Pure Freedom