Choosing Friends


“Bad company corrupts good character.” I Corinthians 15:33 (NLT) and Greek proverb

Good friends who share your family values are the type of friends worth helping your teen find. Step into your teen’s life to provide avenues by which he might find positive friendships.

Though your teen has experienced peer pressure since the pre-school years it is not until early adolescence that he craves peer group acceptance. Your teen must learn when it is fine to gallop with the “herd” and when it is safer to “graze alone.” - Dennis and Barbara Rainey


Dr. John Townsend recommends these steps for handling the problem if you believe your teen is being negatively influenced by peers:

  1. Look for troublesome signs like withdrawal, school or substance abuse problems.
  2. Determine the attraction (Why does your teen want to spend time with them?).
  3. Talk to your teen about friends (If you are concerned that a certain friend is dragging your teen down, talk it through with your teen.).
  4. Set limits on the amount and quality of time spent with troublesome kids. (i.e. prohibit your teen being alone with a peer who is a bad influence.)
  5. Get involved by meeting the kids, get to know them, and meet their parents.