Substance Abuse


The advice of the wise is like a life – giving fountain; those who accept it avoid the snares of death. Proverbs 13:14 (NLT)


“Although some kids try marijuana before age thirteen, alcohol is the primary drug of choice for children, and they usually get their first drink at home, served by their parents.” - From Santa to Sexting: From a study conducted by John Donavan, Associate Professor at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center


Be wise. Keep your head out of the sand and assume your teen has access to drugs. If you accept this reality, it can assist you in helping your teen stay away from alcohol and drugs or in helping him recover from them. 


  1. Establish a zero tolerance policy.
  2. Come down hard at the first offense.
  3. Take the initiative, be the parent, and ask your teen what choices he is making concerning drugs.
  4. Stay connected to your teen in a relationship
  5. Seek help if your teen is using alcohol or drugs. It is complex problem and requires much expertise, skill and training.
  6. Keep your eyes open for other types of dependency (i.e. sex addiction through pornography or food addiction)
  7. Be proactive, informed, and involved. - Dr. John Townsend