Training Your Teen



Scripture is relevant.  It is relevant in rearing teens.  Here is how we make it relevant in class…

Take Peer Pressure for example.

Do not be deceived: Bad company ruins good morals. 1 Corinthians 15:33, (ESV)

During class parents learn there are steps to take to help a teen resist peer pressure, the first and most important step being that her parents determine ahead of time their own convictions regarding what types of friends they believe are acceptable.  They would decide what or who is bad company in general and also specifically in her world.   This is a place to begin.  Once they grind out their own convictions the next step is to pass those convictions on to their teen.  How to pass forward a conviction is a piece of what is covered in a variety of ways during meetings.

What are the other nuts and bolts of training the heart of a teen living in a culture regularly pressing her to make foolish decisions?  Parents need more than a book to read.  They need conversation and leadership.  When face-to-face interaction in a structured setting is provided, Bad company ruins good morals becomes current, not an ancient Bible verse.

One could ask, “How do a mom and dad who themselves need God’s grace lead their teen into godliness?”  Our belief is that the answer is through knowing Jesus Christ and making him Lord themselves and then passing that knowledge and understanding of him to their teen.

Training up a child in the way he should go (Proverbs 22:6) deserves study of the nuts and bolts of that work.  Especially, how does one pull that off in our fast-paced and social media-driven culture?   That is a complex question.  Parents today are confronted with far too many riddles.  Discouraged and intimidated, many give up too soon.   We urge them to remain a player and we equip them to stay in the game. Our goal is to prepare and strengthen parents to be better-equipped trainers.

Parents of Teens exists to show what training your teen looks like.  We study the nuts and bolts.  Come join the discussion.