Pursue, Pursue, Pursue


You’ve heard the phrase regarding real estate, “Location, location, location”. With teens, regarding what they need from us is, “Relationship, relationship, relationship”. Or think, “Pursue, pursue, pursue”.  Sometimes our teens will act as if we are the last person they want to see.


They just don’t know it, but the perils of the adolescent years require leadership by us whether they act like they want to spend time with us or not.  That is why as the adult we pursue them.


Creating a nurturing and caring relationship with him or her and being emotionally engaged creates fertile ground on which to pursue and train his or her heart. It requires perseverance because when our kids act like they don’t want us around it is so easy to tell ourselves that we are off the hook.  That is why I’m writing this.  We are NOT off the hook.  They need us during these years in a critical way,  because allowing him or her to navigate adolescence with only his adolescent peers’ advice through social media is giving the job of navigating to other novices.


However, we’ve seen the map.  We are aware of the traps.   So, we set boundaries, enforce consequences and love on them through the adolescent passage. So, grab two gloves and invite your teen to play catch, take a walk together, have a coke float date, make a meal together, talk all the way home from a game.  Set some traditions together.


Pursue your teen.