During the hot summers of Arizona and Texas so many parents will be allowing a variety of social media apps or websites to babysit their kids.  I get that.  If my kids were still home during the summers we would be talking about limits and boundaries about which ones are acceptable and which ones were ones we needed to talk about and avoid.  And why.


And I would be setting time limits.  Maybe I could do another post and freshen all our memories about what one can do besides be on the computer during hot days.  I need the reminder myself.


But in the meantime here’s some info to pass along…


Snapchat is one we’d talk about.  My new go-to regarding the scoop on social media and for educating parents is Adam McClane, as I have mentioned in a past Blog post.


If you want to get a clear look at the risks taken by anyone using Snapchat go to Adam’s post here.